Monday, September 8, 2008

Robot Shooting Launched

Rajini starrer Robot is named as "Yenthiran" (எந்திரன்) in Tamil. Aishwarya Rai Bachan has been roped to perform the heroine role. With Shankar spinning the story and screenplay, the expectations on the movie is sky rocketing. AR Rahman scores the music while Sabu Cyril does the art work for the movie. Many hollywood technicians who worked in hi-fi movies like Jurassic Park are involved in Robot to give the fine touch for the visual effects (VFX) of the movie. The movie is expected to be of highly technical subject touching lives of a common man in his every day life as the name suggests.
Number 8 being the lucky angel for Sankar, the cameras started rolling for Robot from 8th Sep 2008 at USA. Rajini is already there for the shoot. All leading newspapers carry the news with an unique still of Rajini like Robot get-up. The stills are rocking the Chennai city all over and Robot is the talk of the town now in Tamilnadu !

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kuselan Movie Review

Kuselan is a remake of Kathaparayumpol from Malayalam. It is a story about friendship between a popper and super star. Rajini fits well in to the super star role, as he does in the real life. Though he makes an entry after two reels in the movie, the director has taken care to entertain the audience till such time. The movie picks up jet speed after the entry of Super Star.

The performance of Pasupathi is remarkable, as he suits well in to the role of a barber, the good old friend of Ashok Kumar - name of Rajini in this movie. Rajini is very young and charming on the screen, leaving other young heros to wait for another decade to catch his place.

There are five songs and no action sequence ! It is a brave attempt by the director give a Rajini movie without a single stunt. It is a different story plot altogether, built on the strength of super star and the heavy climax touching every heart of the audience. Standing out from regular masala movies, the climax is not about family song or tough fight between villain and hero. It is just the speech of Rajini that makes it all. It is so unexpected in the story that friendship between him and Balu (Pasupathy) is exposed by Ashok (Rajini) himself in that speech. His speech on the screen leaves all audience speechless for about 20 minutes towards the end of the movie, which is the crux of entire screen play. Hats off to P Vasu - you can only do this magic with Rajini.

Others who appear on screen are Nayanthara, Vijayakumar, Prabhy, Vadivelu, Livingston etc. Nayanthara has been used to fill the herione role in the movie being shot as part of story and as herione of Kuselan movie. She does her best with all she has and dances for a song in the rain, a bonus for the viewers. Livingston and Vadivelu rock in their comedy roles.

Music composed by G V Prakash is ultimate, he has lived upto the expectations of Rajini fans. It is an excellent contribution to the movie. Songs written are well thought and well shot !! Overall it is a good entertainment with all ingredients required to rejoice a Rajini movie.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Humble nature of Rajini - A sample

This is a still found in, which was taken during the Kuselan pooja. You find the Super Star Rajini seeking the blessings of his guru K Balachander. What a great scene! Even after 35 years ruling the tamil cinema industry, Rajini has not forgotten that KB is the one who made him so and he shows his gratitude till now and he will surely do it for his life. This should be one of the greatest moments for Rajini and KB.

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